What Is Popiah

Popiah is a Fujianese/ Chaoshan-style fresh spring roll/wafer, popular among the Chinese and in many Southeast Asian countries. In Mandarin, popiah is pronounced as “Bao Bing” (薄餅) which means “thin wafer”.

Mr Popiah™ Spring Roll Pastry Sheets

The quality of our unique Popiah Skin is unparalleled in the world of pastry skins.
Made of the highest quality grade flour, Mr Popiah™'s popiah skin is high in protein, and they retain their texture and freshness in a controlled manner. Enjoy the versatility of freshness of Popiah Skin in diversified ways - raw, steamed, baked and fried!

Other Pastry Sheets

Unlike Mr Popiah™'s popiah skin, the spring roll pastry sheets cannot be eaten raw and require some preparation work for consumption. As it is starchy in nature, it cannot be used for your traditional popiahs. Use them to add a layer of crisp for any food you wish to deep fry!