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Sauces and Condiments

Our sauces and condiments are made with our traditional family recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Highly acclaimed by many chefs and connoisseurs, it will add the right amount of flavour and serve as the perfect finishing touch to your dishes.

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Mr Popiah Sweet Sauce

Unlike the regular dark sauce, this is formulated from brown sugar.
Adding a little sweetness to your dishes, complimenting but not over bearing.

Mr Popiah Queen Sauce

Tangy with a mild spice to it. The unique appetizing taste in it will leave you wanting more.

Mr Popiah Golden Crisps

Crispy and lightly seasoned. A good topping to complete a dish by giving it extra texture and fragrance,

Product Dimension

14 cm L x 8 cmW x 16.5 cmH

Storage/Shelf Life

Room temperature (1 year)

Available both retail and bulk packaging!

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